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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  August 18, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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let's kick off with a check of your forecast with justin berk. >> check this out. we are watching maryland's most powerful doppler radar and we have what band of rain and from the reports around harford county coming from 5 to 15 minutes. it lasted longer up towards cecil county and rising sun departing your rain. you are not seeing the sun come up. we are watching the rain through cecil county rolling up and down 95 near aberdeen and harve degreece grace and elkton and -- havre de grace and elkton and these are slow roads at 95 and a shower enhancing towards western baltimore county and reisterstown and owings mills. it's taking about three hours to push through and this itself looks heavier heading up towards philidelphia. that could be an issue if  that's part of your travel. a muggy start. there at 72 up toward the city of brotherly love. we have 71 here in charm city and 60s to the northwest. there will be a partly sunny sky. showers and storms this afternoon through the evening.
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and a high of 86. tanya. >> reporter: we have a broken down car in elk ridge. 95 northbound at 100. be careful passing through the area. we are doing okay on the beltway so far. no major accidents to report that is always good news. let's look on southwest side. 695 at wilkins inner loop is coming with the oncoming traffic. to the right is the outer loop making its way towards 95. this is the jfx at northern parkway a few cars out there. no issues downtown which is to the left of the screen. drive times are doing fine. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway five minutes and it will take six minutes to traffic 59 southbound from white marsh to the beltway. 6 minutes on the outer loop from bel air to providence and 7 minutes between 795 and 70. megan. police in baltimore need your help this morning. they areer is fochg argunman. -- searching for a gunman. abc2 news linda so is here with the latest details in the case. >> reporter: the victim was found shot to death. police have not released has
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identity only to say he was a black man about 20 years old. the call came in after 9 last night. the shooting happened in a town home community off puddy hill avenue. neighbors gathered around the crime scene and there was a heavy police presence. cops interviewing people trying to get information on what happened. police used helicopters and k-9 units to search for the suspect but no luck. investigators are work on a motive and trying to come up with a suspect description. if you know anything about this shooting call baltimore county police at 410-307-2020 or metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7- lockup many linda so, abc2 news. family members of stephen pitcarin waited for a year for justin to be served in his murder. a jury found john wagner guilty of felony murder and this morning sherrie johnson is live at the courthouse with more on what the family is saying is closure in the case. >> reporter: the jury did find
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john wagner guilty they don't believe it was premeditated. it took less than three hours to come up with the decision. members of stephen's family left the courthouse and yelled out justice is served. stephen was working as research assistant when he was murdered last year. eye happened while he was on the phone talk -- it happened while he was on the phone talking to his mother. days later jon wagner was a-- john wagner was arrested and lavelva merritt pled guilty and testified against wagner. the jury asked them to hold wagner accountable and he was pleased with the decision. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: wagner faces life in prison plus 40ees for the convictions on robbery and conspiracy charges. his lawyer says he plans to fire an appeal. there hasn't been a sentencing date set but it's expected to
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be sometime in late october. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. three minutes after six. new developments this the -- in the disace pearns of a fred -- disappearance of a frederick woman in aruba. rob yin gardner was in aruba with gary giordano. he purchased a 1 1/2 million dollar life insurance policy that covered her. in addition to that, he has history of domestic violence allegations. >> each one of these pieces standing alone, may not mean much. when youa the pieces together, it sounds like it may be substantial. >> investigators also found blood behind the restaurant where the couple was last seen together. police arrested giordano and telling him he can't leave the country for two weeks. friends and family are remembering a 17-year-old who passed away and who had dreams of owning his restaurant. lincoln high's life was cut
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short during a hiking accident. his family moved to bel air a year ago e fell to his death high above the bushkill falls in pennsylvania. he made an impression on those he came to know. >> you feel the sense of, wow, we lost someone who was special with a short life. but the flip side is you see the impact he had on others and the impact it is having on having others question their lives and be inpied by who he was. -- inspired by who he was. and you think it can turn out for good and how he would want it. >> tomorrow they will hold a visitation from 2 to 4 and then again from 6 to 8 with the service set for saturday at 11. police need your help. they are hoping you can help them identify this man from composit sketch. he is wanted for sexually assaulting a teenage in glenbernie. authorities say's i -- glen beeny. authorities say he attacked a -- glen bernie. authorities say he attacked a
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teen. anyone with information is asked to call the number at the bough the bottom of the screen -- bottom of the screen. police need help sog of another casep on -- solving another case a worker was retrieving shopping carts when two men walked up and asked him for money. when he said he didn't have any, they punched him and took his wallet and cell phone. if you can identify them, call metro crime toers -- crimestoppers. governor o'malley released crime statistics from 2010 and violent crimes were down 6% he. the data put together by state police has been passed on to the fbi now. and some of the credit was given to people who held helped solve crimes but don't get the recognition. >> it's an opportunity to tiewrt lab and saw crime scene -- to tour the lab and saw crime scene labs and trace
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evidence experts and all of you that support those and again that's really what made the difference here in the state. >> the o'malley administration points out state and local law enforcement agencies are using more technology to solve crimes. three people in finksburg are recovering after an explosion. police believe fireworks may have accidentally been put on a birthday cake and when they were lit it caused the explosion. 13-year-old and her family were taken to a hospital but all three are expected to be okay. a new effort this morning to tell you about to help bring casinos and slot gaming to baltimore. slot commission voted to allow up to $6 million in reimbursements to the developer over three years for infrastructure improvements made by the casino. there may be fewer vacant lots in baltimore. the board of estimates did approve a new policy that allows people living next to city owned vacant lots to buy them for a ficked price.
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the mayor says it eliminates the red tape and encourages homeowners to help revitalize the neighborhoods. the lots will cost about $500 per 1500 square feet. and you can build decks, garages, sheds, gazebo's around them. information you need to know and this is important. especially if you live in baltimore city. there's been a mixup on the sample primary ballot and we are learning that the sample ballot tells you to go to the polls on september 3rd but the election is on the 13th. they will get it corrected and get the ballots out to people as quickly as possible. all right. i got mine in the mail. >> did you? >> was it wrong? >> it was wrong. listen, his goal was to have a higher body count than columbine. >> police say he had hit planned out and this morning what theydid to stop him. doctors say it's as important as paying attention
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to the doseage. where you store your prescription drugs matters. pretty soon you will pack your kids lunch getting them back to school. if you want them to eat healthy, we know it's not easy, but we have ideas to consider. first, let's go to new york for a check of the business headlines. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, more trouble for standar and poor's. the -- standard and poor's. they are being investigated whether they gave inflated grades to mortgage securities. "the new york times" says the justice probe began before s&p downgraded the federal credit rating this month. the securities and exchange commission is accused of destroying thousands of documents relating to preliminary investigations including some involving bernie madoff and major financial firms in the years leading up to the financial meltdown. and the 9 major weather related i did after theers so far this year have cost the u.s. more than -- disasters so far this year has cost the u.s. million
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of dollars. and gm confirms they are work on an electric luxury car the cadillac elr borrowing quite a bit from the volt but offers luxury and styling. that's america's money. i am rob nelson. [ dog barking ] mom!
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like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. they love the taste and i feel good that they're ready to tackle the day. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. now "good morning maryland." more than a dozen roads in the bridgeton area remain closed after a storm earlier this week dumped almost a foot of rain. county officials say it could take a long time before repairs are made. >> in some cases we are looking at roads that won't be reopened for a year. >> this is going to be a mess for sometime to come. >> some of the collapsed roads cut off section of the county
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from others -- sections of the county from others. the damage to the infrastructure is in the millions of dollars and officials are hoping nor a did -- for a disaster declaration to lead to federal monies to help in the repairs. parts of south dakota are drying out. on monday, some spots got ten inches of rain. one elementary school is surrounded by water and could put the first day of classes in jeopardy. the town is working to clear all that water as quickly as possible. they plan to build something to divert the water into a near river. here's something we haven't seen. heavy rain across el paso, texas. storms caused street flooding but no damage reported. much of texas has been in a drought and temperatures remained in the triple digits for more than a month in and around dallas and fort worth and you know that part of the country, the southwest and parts of the south, they des from thely need more rain just like el paso. >> and that's liquid gold right there. we don't need too much more rain after the deluge we had over the weekend and early in the week including that same
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system that went up towards new injuriesjersey and in the row new york. this morning -- in -- in metro new york. philidelphia about to get rocked with storms. we will show you how that flared off harford and cecil county getting wet and up 95 towards delaware, wilmington and philadelphia, getting hefty rains as we speak. so slow commuting along the nation'ses aboutiest highway system. over-- nation's busiest highway system. the front is back to the west. but we have the troughs and we are introducing a southerly wind. why is that important? last weekend when weed wind coming out of the south -- when we had the wind coming out of the south, it came out of swamp area and it whirled up the chesapeake and we had that prior early in the week with that hitting annapolis. but over the weekend, it president up towards harford county. if you smell smoke this morning, it's because of the
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winds and all that moisture carrying some of the things out of the swamp area burning out there in southeastern sections of virginia. otherwise, we are looking at partly sunny skies to break out. but a few more disturb ands will ignite the atmosphere. -- disturbances will ignite the atmosphere. there's a line of slow moving and heavy producing storms from skyline drive and south central p.a. and up towards the pock knows. where this-- poconos. where this sets up will becrucial. but baltimore north and west has a better chance of rain, but south and east a diminished chance of rain. annapolis eastern shore could have showers and storms, but most likely it will be north and west today. and then we will go in through tomorrow and do the same thing but it will be closer with a better shot of us getting wet during tomorrow through the evening and that may include that ravens preseason game tomorrow night. and we are looking for morning showers on the delmarva and
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another burst saturday evening and sunday. we can't seem to shake this. 86 today and partly sunny skies. but showers and storms reignite that could take us through tonight. we are back down to 68. if you happen to see rain, likely you will have patchy fog going with it as well. tomorrow a better chance of rain afternoon through evening. 87. mid-80s on saturday. mostly dry. but plan for an evening shower overnight through sunday morning. a high of 88 sunday afternoon. tanya. >> reporter: we have a accident in the city west 36th street at roland avenue. in elk ridge a broken down car at 95 northbound at 100. looking at beltway where we are doing pretty well so far this morning. this is at liberty road outer loop has most traffic as usual to the left with the oncoming traffic. 95 northbound north of white marsh boulevard, the southbound traffic on the right of your screen there is a medical emergency. it is before white marsh boulevard up ahead out of the view of the camera. so be careful going through there. drive times are doing okay, though. 83 southbound from shawan to
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the beltway five minutes. 95 out of white marsh that will still take you about 6 minutes. and outer loop bel air to providence about 6 minutes and 7 minutes on the outer loop between 795 and 70. megan. can you imagine if you monitored your traffic cameras and saw this. this is video we couldn't resist showing you. it is a dog take a look check it out, the pictures of a dog riding a motorcycle in the philippines. you can see that the pooch is very safe with a helmet as he cruises along on the handle bars. news time 6:17. health report this morning, summer vacations winding down and children will be heading back to school soon. parents you know sometimes it can be hard to get them to eat the healthy lunches. tips for you to help out this morning. cut the fruits into shapes using cookie cutters. also, send along a little something for your kids to dip the fruit in like chocolate or yogurt and pay attention to the
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portion sizes. the 100 calorie snack packs are perfect. they come in much smaller bite size doses. properly storing medicine is as important as following the directions and a schedule. you have to keep on schedule to keep them fresh. doctors want to warn leaving pills in a hot car on or window sill will stop work or worse that is for overcounter orprescription meds. extreme cold and humidity could cause damage to the drugs. most meds come with a warning label to specify what temperatures are safe. there could be new technology to treat diabetes. doctors are working to mate an automated sit -- make a automated system to help patient nos one of the big he have problems -- one of the biggest problems is people forget to take the medications and this has very serious adverse effects. >> text messages remind you every day to take your insulin medicine, check blood sugar and text it back to the system.
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the system tells you if you need to change your insulin doseage or if you need to call a doctor right away. doctors say better control can help prevent some of the more serious problems that are caused by diabetes such as stroke hart attacks and loss of eyesight. and remember the computer that beat two human champions on the show jeopardy? watson could soon be used to help doctors diagnose and treat illnesses. ibm is working with medical faculity members at columbia university and right here at johns hopkins to test watson's knowledge in medicine. an arizona man celebrating his 110th birthday and he is sharing the key to his aging success. fernando is from mesa arizona and says he he never has been sick a day of his life. walks every morning and east mostly organic fruits and vegetables. you might be wond -- might be wondering his secrets garlic,
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honey olive oil chocolate and sin.. healthy habits he picked -- and cinnamon. healthy habits he picked up from his doctor who learned to be 98. >> he taught me how to live and eat and have faith in god and whoa take care of me. and so far, it has happened. >> he keeps his brain sharp by reading solving cross word puzzle and playing checkers every day. he looks great tore 1 10. >> garlic honey chocolate and olive oil and cinnamon not together? lins, stop picket -- listen, stop picketing or get back to work. >> the employees that have been protesting for close to two weeks and what happens now. the university of miami get a death penalty what people are wondering. the university of miami may be forced to shut down its football program. we will give outdetails. time for the -- give you
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the details. time for births days anna maria a big time watcher. >> she hits us up on facebook. half happy birthday. our picture of the day is for you. this is zoe her mom wanted to us wish hear happy second birthday. glasses and all. zoe happy birthday to you to. if you've interesting photo, write on the screen is where you send it, morning show at we will be right back.
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now "good morning maryland." in florida a. teenage boy nd arrest for allegedly planning a gruesome attack for the first day of school. yeah police are saying the goal was to cause more casualties than the columbine shootings from cholera row -- cholera doa. we have a tip that -- colorado. we have a tip that quite possibly saved lives. >> reporter: 17-year-old jared
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cano planned his attack. >> he mentioned his desire to cause more casualties than were suffered at columbine. >> reporter: yesterday, he was arrested for plotting to set off bombs at his former high school. his target, 30 students a two assistant vice principals. but thanks to a telephone tipster police say they prevented another school massacre. on tuesday night, police got a lead that led them to caneo's apartment and they found elements to make pipe bombs and he can sell rents and fuses and timers -- being a sell rants and fuses and timers. >> they found a manifesto outlining minute by minute to include detonating explosives through the school. >> reporter: police say cano acted alone and had no accomplices. he was expelled from freedom high school last april and had not enrolled in classes this year. the teen has an extensive criminal record arrested four times on charges from marijuana
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possession to carrying a concealed weapon. 17-year-old facebook page shows pictures with malt liquor and marijuana and machetes last week wrote a crazy mind makes for a crazy life. his favorite lifeless ox not learned in blood are soon forgotten. >> people will be scared and might not show up for school. >> that was karen travers reporting. the university of miami has multiple national championships doing damage control all week. this after a one time booster has come forward with allegation the school was under themicroscope. nevin shapiro claims for 8 years he showered dozen as of hurricane football players with a number of improper gifts that included cash, jewelry, prostitutes, yacht trips what have you. miami head coach al goanld has been on the -- al golden has been there since december and
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says wants answers. >> how did he get around the players like that and so i know me as a head coach i. want to know. i know our assistant coaches want to know because we want to make sure it never happens again. >> and jim tressel wanted to know. plausible deniability. it's been investigating the claims for months. the use university of miami president has pledged full imloorption a story that made national attention, the murder of dawson families. members lost their lives while trying to save their neighborhood. and today the community is reaching out in their honor. today congressman cummings will pass out books and school supplies to welcome students back to school. this event starts at 10:3024 morning and runs -- 10:30 this morning. stay with us this morning. customer and cashier get into it. it's caught on camera. >> the video to tell you what started this in the first police and where it ended up. and this is a bad day on
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the job. being say that. what happened here and how crews managed to clean up the teen's mess. >> reporter: jurors speak out in the profile of a high- profile murder case. i am sherrie johnson. reaction to a murder conviction of a johns hopkins researcher. ♪ that aroma's coming through
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